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Smilin' Jack

The Smilin' Jack radio series was broadcast on the Mutual Broadcasting System from February 13 to May 19, 1939 with aviator Smilin' Jack Martin fighting such international criminals as the Mad Dog in Arabia. Frank Readick had the title role, and the cast also included Gertrude Warner. The 15-minute series, airing three times a week at 5:30pm, was sponsored by Tootsie Rolls, which offered a premium for ten candy wrappers—a flying chart "just like the one Jack uses." The program opened each episode with announcer Tom Shirley demanding, "Clear the runway for Smilin' Jack!", over the roar of an airplane.

Episode Title [Total of: 2]CategoryRating
1 - Smilin' Jack
Episode date: 1938
Children Kids Shows
2 - Smilin' Jack - The Voice
Episode date: 1939-12-18
Children Kids Shows

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