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Weird Circle, The

The Weird Circle was a syndicated series produced in New York and licensed by Mutual, and later, NBC's Red network. The show ran from 1943-1947 and for two seasons, it cranked out 39 shows (78 total) consisting mostly of radio adaptations of classic horror stories. . The production values were solid, but didn't include music. Skimping on any organ accompaniment helps the show seem less dated now, but it also diminishes the atmosphere that creepy music provides a good story, especially if its timeless music of an orchestra or even a piano . About the closest Weird Circle got to anything musical was the occasional strumming of piano cords used to signal the transition into another scene. The acting was professional, but there was no recognizable or famous voices featured, and no cast credits were provided at the end.


Episode Title [Total of: 78]CategoryRating
1 - Weird Circle - A Rope Of Hair Ep.34
Episode date: 1944-4-16
Horror / Sci-fi
2 - Weird Circle - A Terrible Night Ep.22
Episode date: 1944-1-23
Horror / Sci-fi
3 - Weird Circle - A Terribly Strange Bed Ep.6
Episode date: 1943-10-3
Horror / Sci-fi
4 - Weird Circle - Ancient Mariner Ep.63
Episode date: 1945-2-11
Horror / Sci-fi
5 - Weird Circle - Bride Of Death Ep.73
Episode date: 1945-4-22
Horror / Sci-fi
6 - Weird Circle - Declared Insane Ep.5
Episode date: 1943-9-26
Horror / Sci-fi
7 - Weird Circle - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Ep.74
Episode date: 1945-4-28
Horror / Sci-fi
8 - Weird Circle - Dr. Manette's Manuscript Ep.14
Episode date: 1943-11-28
Horror / Sci-fi
9 - Weird Circle - Evil Eye Ep.44
Episode date: 1944-10-1
Horror / Sci-fi
10 - Weird Circle - Expections Of An Heir Ep.16
Episode date: 1943-12-12
Horror / Sci-fi

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