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Strike It Rich

Strike It Rich was a controversial game show that aired on American radio and television from 1947–1958 on CBS and NBC. People in need of money (such as for medical treatment or a destitute family) appeared and told their tale of woe, then tried to win money by answering some relatively easy questions. If the contestant didn't win any money, the emcee opened the "Heart Line," which was a phone line to viewers who wished to donate to the contestant's family.

Sponsored by Ludens Cough Drops, the radio series aired on CBS from June 29, 1947 to April 30, 1950. Todd Russell was the host from 1947–1948, followed by Warren Hull. On May 1, 1950 the show moved to NBC where it aired on weekdays, sponsored by Colgate, until December 27, 1957.

Episode Title [Total of: 2]CategoryRating
1 - Strike It Rich - Ep.1
Episode date: 1950-5-22
Game shows
2 - Strike It Rich - Ep.2
Episode date: 1951-8-21
Game shows

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