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Six Shooter

The Six Shooter was a weekly old-time radio program in the USA. James Stewart starred as Britt Ponsett, a drifting cowboy in the final years of the wild west. Episodes ranged from straight western drama to whimsical comedy. A trademark of the show was Stewart's use of whispered narration during tense scenes that created a heightened sense of drama and relief when the situation was resolved.

Each episode opened with the announcer stating: “The man in the saddle is angular and long-legged. His skin is sun-dyed brown. The gun in his holster is gray steel and rainbow mother-of-pearl, its handle unmarked. People call them both "the Six Shooter".

Episode Title [Total of: 42]CategoryRating
1 - Six Shooter - A Friend In Need Ep.16
Episode date: 1954-1-3
2 - Six Shooter - A Pressing Engagement Ep.12
Episode date: 1953-12-6
3 - Six Shooter - Apron Faced Sorrel Ep.21
Episode date: 1954-2-7
4 - Six Shooter - Audition Show
Episode date: 1953-7-15
5 - Six Shooter - Bad Blood Ep.35
Episode date: 1954-5-27
6 - Six Shooter - Battle At Tower Rock Ep.23
Episode date: 1954-2-21
7 - Six Shooter - Ben Scofield Ep.7
Episode date: 1953-11-1
8 - Six Shooter - Britt Ponset's Christmas Carol Ep.14
Episode date: 1953-12-20
9 - Six Shooter - Capture Of Stacy Gault Ep.8
Episode date: 1953-11-8
10 - Six Shooter - Cheyenne Express Ep.24
Episode date: 1954-3-7

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