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Screen Directors Playhouse

Screen Director's Playhouse is a popular radio anthology series which brought leading Hollywood actors to the NBC microphones beginning in 1949. The radio program broadcast adaptations of films, and original directors of the films were sometimes involved in the productions, although their participation was usually limited to introducing the radio adaptations, and a brief "curtain call" with the cast and host at the end of the program.

The radio version ran for 122 episodes and aired on NBC from January 9, 1949 to September 28, 1951 under several different titles: NBC Theater, Screen Director's Guild Assignment, Screen Director's Assignment and, as of July 1, 1949, Screen Director's Playhouse.

Episode Title [Total of: 97]CategoryRating
1 - Screen Director's Playhouse - A Foreign Affair Ep.9
Episode date: 1949-3-6
2 - Screen Director's Playhouse - A Foreign Affair Ep.92
Episode date: 1951-3-1
3 - Screen Director's Playhouse - A Kiss in the Dark Ep.65
Episode date: 1950-4-21
4 - Screen Director's Playhouse - Alias Nick Beale Ep.83
Episode date: 1950-12-28
5 - Screen Director's Playhouse - All My Sons Ep.45
Episode date: 1949-12-2
6 - Screen Director's Playhouse - Appointment for Love Ep31
Episode date: 1949-8-26
7 - Screen Director's Playhouse - Bachelor Mother Ep.93
Episode date: 1951-3-8
8 - Screen Director's Playhouse - Best Years of Our Lives
Episode date: 1949-4-17
9 - Screen Director's Playhouse - Body and Soul Ep.42
Episode date: 1949-11-11
10 - Screen Director's Playhouse - Butch Minds the Baby Ep68
Episode date: 1950-5-12

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