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Richard Diamond

Dick Powell starred in the Richard Diamond, Private Detective radio series as a rather light-hearted detective who often ended the episodes singing to his girlfriend, Helen (Virginia Gregg). It began airing on NBC on April 24, 1949, picked up Rexall as a sponsor on April 5, 1950, and continued until December 6, 1950. The shows were written by Blake Edwards. Its theme, "Leave It to Love", was whistled by Powell at the beginning of each episode.

Because Dick Powell was known for musical comedies prior to his appearance as Philip Marlowe in Raymond Chandler's Murder, My Sweet (1944) and because he was a detective who sang in Richard Diamond, Private Eye, some regard this radio series as an influence on the character of Philip E. Marlow (Michael Gambon) in Dennis Potter's Chandleresque The Singing Detective (1986). In at least one episode (1952's The Bowery Case), Diamond's girlfriend refers to the sleuth as "The Singing Detective."

Episode Title [Total of: 118]CategoryRating
1 - Richard Diam - Tom Waxman, Union Leader Killed by Bomb
Episode date: 1949-6-26
Detective / Crime
2 - Richard Diamond - $200,000 Loot Secret Plans Ep.23
Episode date: 1949-9-24
Detective / Crime
3 - Richard Diamond - 50,000 Dollar Diamond Heist Ep.29
Episode date: 1949-11-12
Detective / Crime
4 - Richard Diamond - A Christmas Carol Ep.116
Episode date: 1951-12-21
Detective / Crime
5 - Richard Diamond - A Christmas Carol Ep.36
Episode date: 1949-12-24
Detective / Crime
6 - Richard Diamond - ANTIQUE BHUDA Ep.146
Episode date: 1953-6-21
Detective / Crime
7 - Richard Diamond - BASEBALL MATTER Ep.156
Episode date: 1953-8-30
Detective / Crime
8 - Richard Diamond - Big Foot Grafton Ep.64
Episode date: 1950-8-30
Detective / Crime
9 - Richard Diamond - Bill Kirby Murder Case Ep.28
Episode date: 1949-10-29
Detective / Crime
10 - Richard Diamond - Blue Serge Suit Ep.82
Episode date: 1951-2-9
Detective / Crime

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