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Martin & Lewis Show, The

Martin and Lewis were an American comedy team, comprising singer Dean Martin (as the "straight man") and comedian Jerry Lewis. The pair first met in 1945; their debut as a duo occurred at Atlantic City's 500 Club on July 24/25, 1946.

Before they teamed up they were both stand up comics. They worked together in nightclubs, on radio (starting in 1949) and in television and films. In the team's later years, it was no longer billed by the two men's surnames alone, as in their early radio work, but by their full names: "Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis." These separate identities helped them launch successful solo careers after the team's dissolution.

An NBC radio series commenced in 1949; it lasted until 1953. In 1949, Martin and Lewis were signed by Paramount producer Hal Wallis as comedy relief for the film My Friend Irma.

Martin was thrilled to be out of New York City, a place he had developed a lifelong hatred for. He liked the fact that California, because of its earthquakes, had few tall buildings. Suffering as he did from claustrophobia, Martin almost never used elevators, and having to climb multiple flights of stairs in Manhattan's skyscrapers was not his idea of fun.

Episode Title [Total of: 79]CategoryRating
1 - Martin & Lewis Show - Alexis Smith Ep.54
Episode date: 1952-1-25
2 - Martin & Lewis Show - Ann Sheridan Ep.67
Episode date: 1952-4-25
3 - Martin & Lewis Show - Ann Sothern Ep.63
Episode date: 1952-3-28
4 - Martin & Lewis Show - Arlene Dahl Ep.41
Episode date: 1951-10-26
5 - Martin & Lewis Show - Bing Crosby Ep.40
Episode date: 1951-10-19
6 - Martin & Lewis Show - Boris Karloff Ep.66
Episode date: 1952-4-18
7 - Martin & Lewis Show - Christmas Show Ep.30
Episode date: 1949-12-12
8 - Martin & Lewis Show - Claire Trevor Ep.64
Episode date: 1952-4-4
9 - Martin & Lewis Show - Corinne Calvet Ep.60
Episode date: 1952-3-7
10 - Martin & Lewis Show - Dale Evans Ep.50
Episode date: 1951-12-28

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