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Life with Luigi

Life with Luigi was a radio comedy-drama series which began September 21, 1948 on CBS, broadcasting its final episode on March 3, 1953. The story concerned Italian immigrant Luigi Basco, and his experiences as an immigrant in Chicago. Many of the shows take place at the US citizenship classes that Luigi attends with other immigrants from different countries, as well as trying to fend off the repeated advances of the morbidly-obese daughter of his landlord/sponsor.

Episode Title [Total of: 86]CategoryRating
1 - Life With Luigi - A Date with Shirley Ep.46
Episode date: 1949-8-7
2 - Life With Luigi - A Day In New York With Frank Sinatra
Episode date: 1950-10-10
3 - Life With Luigi - April Fools Joke Ep.172
Episode date: 1952-4-1
4 - Life With Luigi - At the Beach Ep.43
Episode date: 1949-7-17
5 - Life With Luigi - At the Racetrack Ep.37
Episode date: 1949-6-5
6 - Life With Luigi - Beautiful Ms Spaulding
Episode date: 1950-1-31
7 - Life With Luigi - Big Brothers Of America Ep.79
Episode date: 1950-3-14
8 - Life With Luigi - Block Party
Episode date: 1949-5-1
9 - Life With Luigi - Business Trip To Buffalo Ep.97
Episode date: 1950-8-22
10 - Life With Luigi - Character References Ep.20
Episode date: 1949-1-30

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