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Hop Harrigan

Hop Harrigan first appeared in All American Comics #1 created by Jon Blummer (Fighting Yank, Little Boy Blue) as one of the first successful aviation heroes in comic history.

Hop Harrigan's story begins with him being raised by his neighbor, who tried to gain legal guardianship of him in order to try to obtain Hop's inheritance (of which he was successful). Hop Harrigan had been orphaned by his father, a legendary pilot, who disappeared on a flight to South America to see his wife. By the time Hop Harrigan had almost grown, his neighbor tried to destroy a biplane that once had been in the possession of Hop's father. Seeing this, Hop angrily knocked the old man to the ground and escaped in the biplane, not planning to return. He arrived at an airport where he saved the life of mechanic Tank Tinker, who became his friend and companion. Tank gave Harrigan his nickname when he said, "Some hop, Harrigan." Later, Hop, Tank and Prop Wash (the pilot who accidentally endangered Tank), along with help from an heiress (who later became Hop's girlfriend), set up the All-American Aviation Company, a company that dealt with a variety of exciting adventures. By the time World War II came, as with most other comics of the time, the Hop Harrigan comic started to have World War II themed adventures as Hop, Tank and Prop joined the US Army Air Corps in service of the war effort.

On radio, Hop Harrigan aired from August 31, 1942 to February 6, 1948. The series began on the ABC Blue network and moved October 2, 1946, to the Mutual Broadcasting System. Charles Stratton appeared in the title role with Ken Lynch as Tank. Lynch was later replaced by Jackson Beck, voice actor for Bluto (Popeye), King Leonardo and Perry White (Superman). Mitzi Gould played Hop's girlfriend, Gail Nolan. One of the writers for this series was noir novelist David Goodis.

Episode Title [Total of: 189]CategoryRating
11 - Hop Harrigan - Airline Protection Racket pt 7
Episode date: 1948-1-30
Action / Adventure
12 - Hop Harrigan - Airline Protection Racket pt 8
Episode date: 1948-2-2
Action / Adventure
13 - Hop Harrigan - Airline Protection Racket pt 9
Episode date: 1948-2-3
Action / Adventure
14 - Hop Harrigan - Avoiding the Attack
Episode date: 1947-9-22
Action / Adventure
15 - Hop Harrigan - Bailed out over Austrian Alps
Episode date: 1944-12-25
Action / Adventure
16 - Hop Harrigan - Blood Stained Alter
Episode date: 1947-9-25
Action / Adventure
17 - Hop Harrigan - Buzzed by Airplane
Episode date: 1945-12-14
Action / Adventure
18 - Hop Harrigan - Cargo Planes Crash
Episode date: 1943-2-1
Action / Adventure
19 - Hop Harrigan - Chris Can't Swim
Episode date: 1947-9-18
Action / Adventure
20 - Hop Harrigan - Descending into Temple - Ghostly Black
Episode date: 1947-9-26
Action / Adventure

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