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Honest Harold the Homemaker, Harold Peary Show

Harold (Hal) Peary was an American actor, comedian and singer in radio, film, television and animation remembered best as Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, a supporting character on radio's Fibber McGee & Molly that moved to its own radio hit, The Great Gildersleeve, the first known spinoff hit in American broadcasting history.

At CBS, Peary began a new situation comedy, The Harold Peary Show, sometimes known as Honest Harold, a title that was actually the name of the fictitious radio show the new character hosted. Radio veteran Joseph Kearns (later familiar as Mr. Wilson on television's Dennis the Menace, played veterinarian Dr. Yancey, known better as Doc Yak-Yak and resembling former foil Judge Hooker. The new show also borrowed a few Gildersleeve plot devices, such as running for mayor and engagements to two women. The Harold Peary Show lasted only one season of 38 episodes.


Episode Title [Total of: 38]CategoryRating
1 - Honest Harold - Audition
Episode date: 1950-8-23
2 - Honest Harold - Campaign Speech
Episode date: 1950-10-25
3 - Honest Harold - Childrens Christmas Party
Episode date: 1950-12-20
4 - Honest Harold - Circus Day
Episode date: 1951-4-25
5 - Honest Harold - Civic Achievement Award
Episode date: 1951-1-31
6 - Honest Harold - Cleaning The Cellar
Episode date: 1951-4-18
7 - Honest Harold - Cousin Marvin
Episode date: 1951-3-21
8 - Honest Harold - Cousin Raymond Visits
Episode date: 1950-11-8
9 - Honest Harold - Election Plans
Episode date: 1950-11-1
10 - Honest Harold - Engaged Twice
Episode date: 1951-1-24

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