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Haunting Hour

The Haunting Hour ran from 1944 to 1946 and was a show that featured classic chills with creepy organ, overwrought women and over the top men. The show did not give any credits as to who acted in the plays or who wrote them, adding to the mystery of The Haunting Hour.

Episode Title [Total of: 38]CategoryRating
1 - The Haunting Hour - A Corpse There Was Ep.5
Episode date: 1945-4-21
Mystery / horror
2 - The Haunting Hour - Assignment Death Ep.39
Episode date: 1949-5-23
Mystery / horror
3 - The Haunting Hour - Bird of Death Ep.2
Episode date: 1945-3-31
Mystery / horror
4 - The Haunting Hour - Breakdown Ep.7
Episode date: 1945-5-5
Mystery / horror
5 - The Haunting Hour - Case of the Lonesome Corpse Ep.8
Episode date: 1945-6-14
Mystery / horror
6 - The Haunting Hour - Date in the Dark Ep.11
Episode date: 1945-7-7
Mystery / horror
7 - The Haunting Hour - Death by Request Ep.20
Episode date: 1945-9-8
Mystery / horror
8 - The Haunting Hour - Death of Jonathon
Episode date: N/A
Mystery / horror
9 - The Haunting Hour - Destination Unknown Ep.41
Episode date: 1946-2-2
Mystery / horror
10 - The Haunting Hour - Hands of Mr Smith Ep.9
Episode date: 1945-6-23
Mystery / horror

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