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Gang Busters

Gang Busters was an American dramatic radio program heralded as "the only national program that brings you authentic police case histories." It premiered as G-Men, sponsored by Chevrolet, on July 20, 1935.

After the title was changed to Gang Busters January 15, 1936, the show had a 21-year run through November 20, 1957. Beginning with a barrage of loud sound effects — a shrill police whistle, convicts marching in formation, police siren wailing, machine guns firing, and tires squealing — this intrusive introduction led to the popular catchphrase "came on like Gang Busters" - followed by a voice over a megaphone or loudspeaker announcing the title of that night's program: "Tonight, Gangbusters presents the Case of the ---" and ending with more blasts from a police whistle.

The series dramatized FBI cases, which producer-director Phillips H. Lord arranged in close association with Bureau director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover insisted that only closed cases would be used.


Episode Title [Total of: 100]CategoryRating
1 - Gang Busters - Al Simioni
Episode date: 1945-12-22
2 - Gang Busters - Ape Bandit
Episode date: 1940-11-1
3 - Gang Busters - Bilanstki Tillitson Gang
Episode date: 1944-9-15
4 - Gang Busters - Blackie Thompson
Episode date: 1945-12-8
5 - Gang Busters - Boettcher Kidnapping Case
Episode date: 1935-10-5
6 - Gang Busters - Bow Wow Bowers
Episode date: N/A
7 - Gang Busters - Broadway Bandits
Episode date: 1948-3-20
8 - Gang Busters - Carlos LaJoya
Episode date: 1953-6-15
9 - Gang Busters - Carnival Caper
Episode date: 1948-7-31
10 - Gang Busters - Case Of Quincy Killers
Episode date: 1948-4-24

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