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Big Story

The Big Story was a radio and television crime show which dramatized the true stories of real-life newspaper reporters. The only continuing character was the narrator, Bob Sloane. Produced by Barnard J. Prockter, the shows were scripted by Gail Ingram, Arnold Pearl and Max Ehrlich. Tom Victor and Harry Ingram directed the series. The theme was taken from Ein Heldenleben ("A Hero's Life"), a tone poem by Richard Strauss.

Sponsored by Pall Mall Cigarettes, the program began on NBC Radio April 2, 1947. With Lucky Strike Cigarettes sponsoring the last two years, it was broadcast until March 23, 1955. The radio series was top rated, rivaling Bing Crosby's Philco Radio Time.


Episode Title [Total of: 15]CategoryRating
1 - Big Story - A Copperthwaite Helena Ind Record
Episode date: 1952-3-19
Detective / Crime
2 - Big Story - Ambitious Hobo Des Moines Tribune
Episode date: 1947-12-17
Detective / Crime
3 - Big Story - Bill Griffith's Youngstown Vindicator
Episode date: N/A
Detective / Crime
4 - Big Story - Buried Alive Minneapolis Tribune
Episode date: 1948-5-19
Detective / Crime
5 - Big Story - Gambling, Divorce and Murder
Episode date: 1950-1-11
Detective / Crime
6 - Big Story - Joe Werges - Little Rock Gazette
Episode date: 1949-1-29
Detective / Crime
7 - Big Story - Justice And A Guy Named Joe Cleveland Press
Episode date: 1948-5-5
Detective / Crime
8 - Big Story - Manhunt In Manhatten
Episode date: 1948-1-7
Detective / Crime
9 - Big Story - Murderous Kid L'ville Courier Journal
Episode date: 1949-1-5
Detective / Crime
10 - Big Story - The Bobbysox Kid From Bayonne
Episode date: 1947-2-8
Detective / Crime

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