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Avenger, The

The Avenger is a fictional character whose original adventures appeared between September 1939 and September 1942 in the pulp magazine The Avenger, published by Street and Smith Publications.

The Avenger radio show aired on New York City's WHN (and also was syndicated) from July 18, 1941 until November 3, 1942, first on Friday from 9-9:30PM then on Tuesday at various times.

Similarly short-lived was "an Avenger radio serial carried by Station WHN in New York City and syndicated in other parts of the country.


Episode Title [Total of: 26]CategoryRating
1 - The Avenger - Coins Of Death EP.05
Episode date: 1945-7-6
Mystery / Adventure
2 - The Avenger - Cradle Of Doom EP.21
Episode date: 1945-10-26
Mystery / Adventure
3 - The Avenger - Crypt Of Thoth EP.08
Episode date: 1945-7-27
Mystery / Adventure
4 - The Avenger - Dead Man's Rock EP.06
Episode date: 1945-7-13
Mystery / Adventure
5 - The Avenger - Death Counts Ten EP.26
Episode date: 1945-11-30
Mystery / Adventure
6 - The Avenger - Death In Mid Air EP.17
Episode date: 1945-9-28
Mystery / Adventure
7 - The Avenger - Death Meets The Boat EP.22
Episode date: 1945-11-2
Mystery / Adventure
8 - The Avenger - Death Rings The Bell EP.19
Episode date: 1945-10-12
Mystery / Adventure
9 - The Avenger - Department Of Death EP.15
Episode date: 1945-9-14
Mystery / Adventure
10 - The Avenger - Diploma Of Death EP.24
Episode date: 1945-11-16
Mystery / Adventure

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