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Adventures of Frank Merriwell

These half hour episodes were heavy on nostalgia, based on dime novels of Gilbert Patton. The series follows Frank Merriwell, the Yale-attending brainy-brawny all-American youth, on a series of crime-fighting adventures. Scripts followed a similar theme to 1930's Frank Merriwell feature films starring Donald Briggs. The show ran from 1946-1949.


Episode Title [Total of: 38]CategoryRating
1 - Adv. of Frank M. - Clue Of The Wrong Numbers EP.03
Episode date: 1946-10-19
Mystery / Adventure
2 - Adv. of Frank M. - Riddle Of The Wrong Answer EP.01
Episode date: 1946-10-5
Mystery / Adventure
3 - Adventures of Frank M. - April Shower Adventure Ep.128
Episode date: 1949-4-2
Mystery / Adventure
4 - Adventures of Frank M. - Ballot Box Mystery
Episode date: 1948-5-15
Mystery / Adventure
5 - Adventures of Frank M. - Big Top Adventure Ep.24
Episode date: 1947-3-15
Mystery / Adventure
6 - Adventures of Frank M. - Boomerang Pitch Ep.126
Episode date: 1949-3-19
Mystery / Adventure
7 - Adventures of Frank M. - Championship Game Ep.124
Episode date: 1949-3-5
Mystery / Adventure
8 - Adventures of Frank M. - Danger On The River EP.125
Episode date: 1949-3-12
Mystery / Adventure
9 - Adventures of Frank M. - Frank Merriwell's Promise Ep136
Episode date: 1949-5-28
Mystery / Adventure
10 - Adventures of Frank M. - Gold Feaver
Episode date: 1949-1-8
Mystery / Adventure

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