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Episode: "The Whistler - Stranger In The House"

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From show: Whistler, The
Episode date: 1946-9-2
Episode title: The Whistler - Stranger In The House
Category: Mystery / Adventure

The Whistler is one of American radio's most popular mystery dramas, with a 13-year run from May 16, 1942 until September 22, 1955.The Whistler was the most popular West Coast-originated program with...Read more (Will open in new window)
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Episode Title [Total of: 463]CategoryRating
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Mystery / Adventure
2 - The Whistler - 18 Bowden Lane
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3 - The Whistler - A Brief Pause For Murder Ep.227
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4 - The Whistler - A Case For Mr Carrington
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5 - The Whistler - A Case For Mr Carrington EP.286
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6 - The Whistler - A Friendly Case Of Blackmail
Episode date: 1950-11-12
Mystery / Adventure
7 - The Whistler - A Law of Physics
Episode date: 1951-6-10
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8 - The Whistler - A Matter of Odds Ep.522
Episode date: 1952-5-11
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9 - The Whistler - A Matter Of Patience
Episode date: 1951-9-16
Mystery / Adventure
10 - The Whistler - A Package For Emily
Episode date: 1948-10-17
Mystery / Adventure

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