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Episode: "The Shadow - Death Stalks The Shadow"

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From show: Shadow,The (not forsale)
Episode date: 1938-10-9
Episode title: The Shadow - Death Stalks The Shadow
Category: Detective / Crime

The Shadow is a collection of serialized dramas, originally on 1930s radio and then in a wide variety of media, that follow the exploits of the title character, a crime-fighting vigilante with...Read more (Will open in new window)
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Episode Title [Total of: 247]CategoryRating
61 - The Shadow - Death Stalks The Shadow
Episode date: 1938-10-9
Detective / Crime
62 - The Shadow - Death Takes The Wheel
Episode date: 1947-9-28
Detective / Crime
63 - The Shadow - Death To The Shadow
Episode date: 1944-3-12
Detective / Crime
64 - The Shadow - Death Under The Chapel
Episode date: 1938-9-4
Detective / Crime
65 - The Shadow - Deathtak Fade Out 2
Episode date: 1947-4-27
Detective / Crime
66 - The Shadow - Doom and the Limping Man
Episode date: 1947-11-16
Detective / Crime
67 - The Shadow - Dream of Death
Episode date: 1946-1-27
Detective / Crime
68 - The Shadow - Dreams of Death
Episode date: 1946-4-28
Detective / Crime
69 - The Shadow - Drum Of Obi
Episode date: 1948-10-24
Detective / Crime
70 - The Shadow - Drums of Doom
Episode date: 1944-3-19
Detective / Crime

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